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Is there a real need to talk about girls in technology?

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While searching the internet for opinions about the Women in Tech movement, I saw a lot of people basically saying that women in technology are a non-issue and that talking about it only makes it worse.

While I agree that stigmatizing a population is not helpful, I do think we need to talk about the fact that women are underrepresented in the tech industry, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in general.


I found this article very interesting. The author says she’s a woman and works as a programmer but doesn’t want to be labelled as a woman in tech. While I completely agree with her on the fact that the goal is inclusivity and that what defines us is not the woman or the tech part but what we do as an individual, I think the movements celebrating women in technology are necessary.

The author explains that they make her feel like a rare species and imply that there’s a problem when there really isn’t one. But the fact is, there’s only a small proportion of girls who take an interest in technology even with this field being so prominent. Is it because girls are naturally attracted to people oriented instead of “things” oriented careers – as one comment suggested? I think it is rather because society and/or their family influenced them.

Here is a comment that caught my eye:


When I first read this I thought to myself: “Yeah, why do we pay so much attention to STEM in particular?”

But then I found an answer: STEM are fast developing fields, yet there is little improvement in the proportion of women interested in them (especially the Technology part).

I’m pretty sure most people don’t see garbage collection as an exciting industry, so the fact that women are not into it is less of a problem.

Technology is our future, so if some women do not feel included/respected in this field it is, simply put, bad.


The thing is, it is likely that some girls would be willing to work in STEM but don’t because they feel it’s not for them. Movements such as Women in Tech may encourage them and show that they wouldn’t be alone. Moreover, the more women are visible in the tech industry, the more prejudices will fade away.


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A girl in tech.


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