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[The Village] Ep. 1: The Village is (almost) built!

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I present to you the first draft of my village:Screen1 - The Village

Screen2 - The Village

Screen3 - The Village

Screen4 - The Village


There are a few things missing that I couldn’t find on the Unity Asset Store. The lane separating the upper and lower parts is supposed to be the street market but I couldn’t get my hands on assets that could do the trick, so I guess I’ll have to do that myself and it may take a little while. I’ll also add some decorations so that the village looks quainter, especially in the main square.


For those who have never heard of Unity, it is a game engine that allows to “easily” create and deploy games across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, VR/AR, web, consoles). By easily, I mean that you can visually create game scenes in 3D or 2D and that there’s a lot of tools and pre-existing code you can use to build something quickly. But, unless your game is pretty simple, you do have to write code yourself. A lot of tutorials are available on their website, and if you have no experience at all in game development, Unity is a great thing to start with. The personal version is free, though they do have paid plus and pro plans, but a beginner would really have no use for a paid version.

To build this village, I didn’t have to write a single line of code. I just downloaded a bunch of assets from the Unity Asset Store (people share or sell assets they created on the asset store), placed them in my scene, and used the terrain tool in Unity to build my terrain. Careful though about the size of your terrain: once you’ve made modifications, you can’t resize it or the modifications will be resized with it. And be aware that the larger the terrain, the longer it will take for Unity to process it.


Here are the relevant places in the village:

The school

All-in-one school where all children and teenagers go to learn. Kindergarten doesn’t exist in The Village, so this school is from primary school to university.

The church

Safe haven at which all weddings and funerals take place, as well as religious celebrations.

The town hall

Where town matters are discussed and new comers need to register.

The inn

There aren’t many visitors that come to The Village. But when they occasionally do, they have a nice place to stay.

The community hall

Where town events, such as monthly feasts, take place.

The factory

Where people who build things work.

The office

Where people who do undetermined stuff work.

The market

Everything you need, you can find here. All merchants work side by side to offer the best products you can wish for. Opened daily except on Sundays.


Places where people can come to enjoy delicious meals. The most famous and expensive one is on the main square, next to the inn.


Some items cannot be found at the market. That’s what shops are for.

The graveyard

Where dead people rest in peace.


So, this is what my village is right now. Next step: adding life in there! I may not work on this immediately as I still have some work to do, but I will try and complete this project as soon as I can.


Stay tuned,

A girl in tech.

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