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[Gaia] Ep. 0: Meet Gaia

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I’ve always been attracted to artificial intelligence. It’s a very broad subject but I think what fascinates me most is when an AI acts as a human. The first project I want to talk about is an idea that I’ve had for quite a while now.

I want to create an AI that could help the elderly. I think AI can be used to help people and make them happier. Personally I don’t think I, and more generally people of my generation, need AI to be happier right now. But people who are alone and never learned to use the internet do.

I think the elderly whose family can’t visit very often could benefit from a companion that has access to endless knowledge and can provide them with information about their relatives. They would feel less lonely and bored. Also, the AI could inform the family if something was wrong.


I also want to develop something that could help people with Alzheimer’s. In order to have a real medical impact, it would of course require the assistance of doctors, to identify a way to slow down the loss of neurons and synapses, but a start would be to regularly display photos of loved ones with their names and relations.

My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and I noticed she kept on asking the same questions over and over. It can sometimes be hard for my family to answer each time without being affected. But an AI wouldn’t mind answering the same things several times, and it could even keep scores to determine if some days seem better than others. It could also perform some kind of tests, disguised as regular conversations, to inform doctors and families about the current situation.


So meet Gaia, the AI I want to develop, and what she would ideally be able to do:

  • Have regular conversations
  • Have deep conversations about subjects the user wants to discuss (fueled by information found on the internet)
  • Talk about the user’s family and friends based on information previously uploaded
  • Display content (including photos and videos found on the internet or previously uploaded)
  • Answer the user’s questions by using information found on the internet
  • Track the user’s physical health
  • Perform tests in the form of conversations to evaluate the user’s mental condition
  • Alert the user’s family if there seems to be something wrong (user inactive for a long time for example)
  • Allow to send messages to friends or family

The AI would be connected to an app that friends and family could download and through which they could upload content and receive messages from their loved one.


I honestly don’t know as I’m writing this what I will be able to develop right now. I have no idea what technologies to use, or which functionalities will be available. I’ll do the best I can with my current skills, but since it’s an important project to me I’ll try and make it as great as possible over time.


Stay tuned,

A girl in tech.


PS: if someone here likes the idea and actually has the skills and the will to work on this, please contact me so I can help and give you details. My goal is really not to make money but to see a project that I hold dear come to life.


  1. Mario75

    Indeed, helping Alzheimer people thru an application usage would be something which could be really needful. More than the Alzheimer themselves this kind of application could be even more relevant for the family and medical teams.
    Btw as everyone knows, this desease is touching more an more people and such kind of applications could benefit to millions of people over the world… So good luck on that project and keep increasing your motivation for it. !

    February 7, 2018
    • Thank you for your support, indeed it could help a lot of people and that’s why this project is really important to me 🙂

      February 7, 2018

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